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Bob Grove

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Bob now lives in the mountains of North Carolina. With undergraduate studies at Cleveland State University, Baldwin-Wallace College and the University of South Florida, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree at Kent State University and his Master of Science degree at Florida Atlantic University. 

His diversified curriculum qualified him to teach high school courses in biology, anatomy and physiology, earth and space science, astronomy and space science, psychology, English, journalism, and creative writing. He also teaches adult education classes on abnormal psychology, using his own textbook with that title.

Bob was formerly an ABC-TV public affairs director, an on-air program host, and the founder and publisher of Monitoring Times magazine. As prose critique facilitator for the North Carolina Writers Network and a co-facilitator of the Ridgeline Literary Alliance, he has published twenty books and hundreds of articles in twenty-three magazines.

Now retired after fifteen years as founder and president of an international supplier of radio communications equipment, Bob has more time to write. He has published a mystery novella Secrets of Magnolia Manor, his memoir Misadventures of an Only Child, a collection of children’s stories Adventures of Kaylie and Jimmy, and his collection of humorous stories Laughing at Life. He has been awarded seven gold medals in the North Carolina Silver Arts literature competition.

His writings are available on Kindle and in print from Amazon, as is his informative Abnormal Psychology which he uses as a teaching text in continuing education classes, and Antiquing: A Collector’s Guide. 

Bob’s public readings are popular as a performance art form, typified by his well-attended annual reading at the John C. Campbell Folk School, in costume and British dialect, of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. He has been a featured speaker at fourteen national conventions and a U.S. Congressional committee.

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