The theme of this lyric is terse:
It just couldn’t get any verse.

I have a preference for prose,
As everyone probably knows.
I really don’t care much for rhyme;
It seems like a big waste of time.

I once attended a reading
By a highly regarded poet.
He knew by my sneer of disdain
That his words fell on deaf ears, I know it.

He glared at me as he asked,
“You think writing poetry is easy?”
I quickly replied without thinking,
“I do, and much worse, it’s cheesy!”

But he volleyed, this time with bravado:
“Try rhyming with ‘purple’,” he said.

My smirk of contempt was replaced
By a wide-eyed expression of dread.

A word that rhymes with “purple?”
The thought made me shudder in fright.
I stood up, aghast at that challenge,
Then turned and slinked off in the night.