Milky patches of sarvis ordain spring.
Cool, green grass coats open fields.
Daffodil shoulders break through leaf-littered soil.
Red-orange flames ignite azalea tips.
Dogwood blossoms paint a portrait in white.
Lilacs dispense their fragrance.

Summer blends its blissful chorus.
Birds clamor in plush tree crowns.
I twist a sourwood leaf.
Its glossy juices treat my tongue.
Cupping my hands I scoop a stream.
My thirst is refreshed.

Sweltering summer yields to autumn’s solace.
Tender breezes embrace me.
Red and golden leaves cascade from above.
Their crisp blanket crunches under my footsteps.

Winter’s caustic sting chafes my face
Yet glances harmlessly from resilient trees,
Dark sentinels defying the glaring snow.
Vanquished, the frigid blanket retreats,
Submitting to the resurrection of life.