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Is it here that an old woman rescued zelda from being captured by evil. The hylia river and many of its tributaries spill out into lake hylia.

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Link can pay him for an oasis flight up to the gerudo desert or a normal flight up onto falbi s house where link can play the mini game falbi s.

Lac hylia zelda. Lake hylia is a location found in breath of the wild and hyrule warriors. Lake hylia is a location in the legend of zelda. Lake hylia is in this game located in the far south of the lanayru province in northern hyrule.

Above the lake is the great bridge of hylia which leads to the heart of lanayru province fyer s oasis flight is the only way to reach the gerudo desert other than the use of the desert s twilight portals. Hylia was eventually reborn on skyloft as zelda daughter of gaepora and close childhood friend of link the one who would go on to become her chosen hero in the sky era however zelda was not aware of her previous existence as the goddess until she was tossed out of the sky and onto the surface by ghirahim s tornado. Age of calamity it is a large body of water found just southeast of the great plateau in the lake tower area.

Breath of the wild in the lake region. Fyer is located here with his human cannonball ride. It is the only part of this area in the central hyrule province rather than faron.

Lake hylia from twilight princess. Zora can be found here along with fyer a cannon expert. Lake hylia is a recurring location in the legend of zelda series 1citation needed it is the largest body of water in hyrule and is commonly guarded by the zora people 2 lake hylia is usually home to an underwater temple that is guarded by the zoras 34 lake hylia goes unnamed in the adventure of.

It is located north of lake tower and is spanned by the bridge of hylia. There are numerous korok seeds on. In twilight princess lake hylia can be found in the southern part of the lanayru province the great bridge of hylia passes above the lake and leads into the center of the province.

At the west side of the lake hylia island is located.


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